Lesson 7 Native Cirtix Recording not working

Hi All,
I have installed a VM and installed UiPathStudio.exe inside the vm(I had Uipath and UiRobot older community edition installed on this VM). I was trying the click image and click text as per the tutorial in lesson 7 and although the tutorial didn’t mention to run UiPath as an administrator. However, I managed to fix it.

Now i used the click image (as this one resembles the used recording in lesson 7 video) to record clicking on the Deposit button and run the workflow. Nothing is happening. . I found that no robotics process found running on the VM and i don’t know from where i should download it and if it will fix my problem.

this image when i try to open the old UiRobot version i have on the VM.

Thanks in advance.

No worries buddy
I would like to suggest you one thing
Usually when we are working on Citrix the most reliable one to access a element is through Send hot keys rather to click image…and for more better now they have introduced a set of Activities called Computer vision Activities

Fine as you are telling its a old version (sounds like), we can make this work with send hot key Activity and use key as tab till you reach the button that you want to click (use that much number of send hot key) and then finally use a send hot key with key as enter to click that button, thats what we usually do to click a button with a keyboard right
But make that the screen of citrix is maximized once after opening them with a Activity called Maximize window
That would work for sure
Kindly try this and let know buddy

Cheers @mozahra

@Palaniyappan i am using the community edition and can’t find this pack

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Goto manage packages in design tab and in that search for computervision in official tab…then install it buddy
Or still if the studio didn’t take that because of older version No worries then try to send hot keys buddy
That is more reliable in Citrix
Cheers @mozahra

Can you kindly check the steps i have uploaded i guess the whole issue is with the selector it can reach any element of the app in the vm.

Thanks in advance

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Buddy lets make it simple
I think click image should actually work in this case answer lesson 7 notes

Well is that the error that you get while running in VM (image attached in the question)…
Well if so… this would surely get you to resolve this issue

Lets try buddy
Cheers @mozahra

This one has already been resolved.
Going back to the main issue I have realized that the Uipath selector on my computer can’t identify the UI element inside the vm. Please select last image i have uploaded.
I have tried the click image, click text, CV click all of them don’t give error but don’t perform any action.
Thanks in advance @Palaniyappan