Recording not successful



I am facing a problem with recording, in the software i am using, whenever I want to use Click Image in citrix recording, after selecting the image, there is an error prompting that the step was not recorded successfully. What can I do about it. It only happens when im trying to record something inside the software.


hey @ZacZ

you can try with click image activity without recording as well as a workarround :slight_smile:



Hey @aksh1yadav, thanks for your reponse

I have tried using click image too but the same thing appeared, any idea whats the cause of it?


What error you were getting at that time by using click image indication?


I could select the image but cannot indicatescope: it saysHRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component


Hai i also face this problem how to resolve this error please tell me permanent solution ?