Recording not taking screen shots of target program

i am having an issue with using the recorder on our electronic medical record program. as i use the recorder, tried all options except citrix, it fails to take an image. on the "click ‘button’ " step for example there is just a “image not available” message.

the program itself is very old and i am sure note based on typical windows vb and forms. to work around it i am creating and using click text and image options instead.

has anyone else run into similar problems.

also the anchor warning frequently appears.


Buddy @godzilla_king_of_mon

Kindly correct if i have understood your question wrongly . Hope you would like to take the sceenshot of the page while using recording wizard. But i dont think like we have an option to take screenshot with recording wizard, rather we can use Take Screenshot activity to do the same and it can be obtained from our studio activity panel…

Kindly revert for any queries or clarification


sorry my terminology for the software is fairly rough. i mean its not recording the buttons, fields, and boxes when i use the recorder. leaves a image not available instead of a little picture of the button in the studio steps

I’m not trying to take screen shots, just run through an account creation workflow.

also what is the easiest way to share an image on this board? thanks!


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Buddy kindly check whether you a have screeshot folder in your current studio project folder, if its there you can see the image of each activity and it will get reflected in the activity as well,
kindly check whether you have folder r not buddy

And i would like to mention that the image is not going to impact at all buddy and still you can go ahead with your automation without any issue…so i would say like no need to worry about the image rather we need to be more cautious with the selectors and other properties involved in that activity @godzilla_king_of_mon


Were you able to locate that buddy… @godzilla_king_of_mon

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thanks for the help, but what i ended up doing was restarting the computer and making sure the uipath recording of the the program i was working with started from the opening of the program through login to the part i was actually trying to use.

earlier i was just opening the software then going to the starting point of the process then starting my recording in UIPath. this caused UIpath issues.

I think it has something to do with whatever ancient mapping/coding system they use for the software as I know it is not a modern language or browser based. So UI needed to watch the program from the beginning.

thank you very much for your help!!

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Great buddy @godzilla_king_of_mon

Did that gets resolved, if so kindly make solution buddy

Thanks for the reminder!

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