Recording in SAP - How to select option when scrolling necessary in pop up window

Hi all :slight_smile:
I have been using the recorder function from UiPath for SAP and it wernt quite well.
Now I have been trying to select an option in this little pop up window that I attached to this post. I need to scroll down to get to the option.UiPath_SAP|422x500
And then I need to select the option by clic!king on the little grey square area to select the option right next to it.
I haven’t found a solution or work around yet. I would be thankful for any advice. Thank you!

for dynamizing the selector have a look here:

in case of you need more help we would need some details on the element selector / attributes. You can easy grab this with the help of:

too complicated answers :))))

Hi @Pia123

Just use a click activity to choose the right lines you want to select.

We are using SAP Scripting Interface to automate SAP and you as a user do not need to take care about scrolling. We will find the right row/line for you. If the row is on the next screen, UiPath will scroll for you

See example:

Best regards, Lev