Recorder not available?

I just started the intro to RPA developer course and i’m trying to follow the steps for creating my first automation but there is no record button anywhere. I’m in the Design tab of Ui Path Studio and the record button is nowhere on the top banner. I also tried the Studio guide but that was also no help. There must have been a new update because my Studio app looks very different than all of the instruction videos and pics that I’m seeing.

Hi @shooley

Can send the screenshot of your studio?


hi, thank you!

This help you


Can you share information for dependency in project panel?
If you create your project as background process, for example, these menu are not displayed because there is no UiAutomation Activities package.



here’s what the dependencies look like in the project panel. can you let me know if something looks wrong? thanks so much in advance!


It seems you failed to load some activities packages.
Which version of Studio do you use?

We might be able to install another version of packages in Manage Package.