Received certification but not got practical exam evaluation

Hi there,

I sat a practical test on the 28th Feb and received certification the same day. However I am yet to receive the evaluation of my practical exam (it’s says it will be posted below [in section 2] as soon as it’s ready).

Is there any chance I got the certification incorrectly, I am worried as the timeline for free certification is running out and I want time to resit the exam if needed.

@Thomas_Gadd it shouldn’t be by mistake. I haven’t got any evaulation when I uploaded the code.

If the portal says so , you will get it. No worries.

Cheers :wink:


if you received the certificate its final no need to wait for evaluation result .if you failed in the practical exam you have to wait for 24 hours from your previous attempt .

I think no need to wait for evaluation. It may be System bug because after evaluating theoretical and practical exam. Certification release.
So no worry. Happy Automation