Certification Practical Exam - No Result


I have taken my certification practical exam yesterday and still got no result/evaluation that says I passed or failed in the Review Section of the page. According to the FAQs, the result will be available in 1 hour. Did anyone encounter such problem? I already reported it Uipath Academy but still got no response.

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Currently site was down. Because of that may be it not evaluated. I request you to wait some time and then check once.

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Same for me, I uploaded my file almost 20 hours back and still no feedback.
Let’s see today…

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me too :sleepy:

I am also facing the same issue. I had uploaded my practical exam solution nearly 33 hours ago and the result is still not available. What can be the possible case here? Am I going to get the result?


I’m having the same issue. I finished my practical exam 3 days ago but I still haven’t received an evaluation. Can anyone tell me how they fixed their problem or what I should do?

Thanks in advance
Jo Denayer

@JoDenayer @rajalaxmi

They are facing some issue with their site and Uipath team working on this. Soon it will be resolved.

For your reference, please check below thread.