Reboot Your Skills Program - Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone! Joining in from Houston, Texas. Excited to learn more.

Hi Everyone,

A little late start this week but I’m Navid and I visualize various operations data and am based out of San Diego.

Through this I hope to be able to learn the basics of automation in order to allow me to both identify processes to automate. Specifically looking to learn screenshots and PPT deck building and figure out some data update processes to automate.

Hi All,

This is Bijal from North Carolina. I am currently helping with Project Management and would like to automate some mundane tasks.

Hello! My name is Cheryl. I’m in IT Communications and Organizational Change Management. I’m located in the 'burbs of Philadelphia, PA. A colleague of mine introduced me to RPA, and I saw this as an opportunity to learn something new! I’d love to automate the way to access some communication templates for people to use.

Hi Folks,
Gary here joining from Belfast.
Looking forward to learning about how UIPath does RPA.
Take care and be safe.

Hello everyone,

Tony here from somewhere in the UK. For security purposes and old times’ nostalgia I’m using my childhood forum handle however I’ll be more than happy to introduce myself upon meeting you face to face. I’m here to learn RPA because at my core I am a lazy, knowledge thirsty, efficiency fanatic, computer geek and I thought “let’s see if I can program the software to do my repetitive work so that I can focus on more value added tasks”. This way I may hopefully tick off two checkboxes in one activity: streamline my work (remember - I’m lazy) and learn something new (read: don’t get bored with routine). I am more than happy to share my knowledge regarding things that work for me in the real world. Keep in touch.

Hi! I am Maria and am joining the course from southern part of Finland. i work for a telco company and have been working alongside RPA for a few years now so have some idea about what and why to automate. Really looking forward to learning more about the tools and possibilities myself.

Hi, I am Rajpreet Singh. I work as a Service Delivery Manager for IT Company based of France and here to brush up my skills in Automation.

I am Rustamzhon(Rus) Rakhmanzhanov. I am RPA developer at the Bank in Kyrgyzstan. I wanna reboot my skills.In central Asia we don’t have any sales manager .I wanna be representer of Uipath in Central Asia.

Hello everyone,

Good morning from South Africa. I am Prasad Kale based in South Africa, very passionate about people and technology transformation. I have 22+ years of experience in information technology sector, with interest in Intelligent Automation and Cloud transformation. I like solving business problems by applying technology choices. I have been learning technologies UIPath and Other technologies in the field of process automation. And would like to reboot my skills and enhance it with most latest offerings from UI Path. I am also passionate to work in the field of skills development and making young people know, grow and ride on their carrier path by consulting them.

Good morning,
I’m getting started a little later than I’d planned, but better late than never. It turns out Windows auto-update doesn’t always work on personal laptops that aren’t used much. :slight_smile:

My name is Jeff and I work as a User Engagement contractor for the U.S. Federal Government near Washington D.C. I have worked in ICAM project management previously.

I’d like to learn automation skills because I am interested in this technology and my customer needs it.

Hi, I am Animesh working from quebec. Want to brush up my skills in automation and dive in rpa automation.


I am Dirk Propp from Canada.

I own an immigration based software company in Canada and we used RPA to automate some of the processes.

I am looking at ways from a high level to take the company to the next level with time savings and elimination of repetitive tasks so I figured why not learn it myself to see what is possible.

Hi everyone I am Anshul Jhalani, working as Senior RPA Developer. Lost a bit touch from UiPath and with the Reboot program would like restart my RPA journey with UiPath, get good knowledge from the UiPath experts, get certified in UiPath and contribute in the RPA community.

Hi. My name is Sadaf. I am a Healthcare IT consultant. I am based in Virginia. I am here because many of our clients are looking for automation skills in their consultant and I am trying to build up my toolkit to support them.

Hi everyone, my name is Claudia and I am a Business Process Manager joining from Germany.

I am very intrigued on how the first week with exercises led to quick bot results so I am excited about this week’s challenges.
Ultimately, I would like to use what I learn for some own task automations and it is a great skill to have! As ‘Citizen Developers’ will be more and more involved in automating processes it is about time we build up some knowledge around this.

Thanks for designing such a great learning program!

Kind regards, Claudia

Hi Everyone, my name is Sean, I am an RPA Solutions Architect specializing in UiPath RPA. I am currently based in Singapore.

Im very happy to see the response from the UiPath Community and the interest of everyone in the UiPath Reboot Your Skills Training. I hope you all enjoy the trainings and use whatever you will learn here for real life use cases and scenarios. Please feel free to approach us if there are any queries

If you are struggling one way or another in your RPA journey, please do not feel frustrated, but instead, seek or ask for help. Because this issues that you may encounter may also have been encountered by others.

Happy Automation!

Hi everyone, My Name is Rodrigo, I am Developer web from the area human Resources, i am from Guadalajara, Mexico

I am Happy to see this course , i don´t have any experience in Robotic process or RPA, but i am sure that i will learn a lot of new things about automatizations.

Hi everyone!
I’m Harsh Jain a Software Developer who started working in the field of developing RPA for a better purpose.
I’m here to enhance my skill and potential to build effective automation through Uipath.
Excited to explore the course and looking forward to learning with you all :slight_smile:

I am José from Brazil. I work as PCP analyst and hope to find in this course basics information to start process automation projects.
Thanks for this opportunity.