what are some real-time projects that you are working currently on? Can you give me some brief details of that? Like which domain that belongs to and what are the manual steps, what you are automating etc… Thanks in advance…


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Interesting question. Maybe some of our @MVP2020 can help here :slight_smile:


Ok, Ill go first.

I am working on inter company invoicing. Domain Finance. So what are steps

Manual steps

  1. Login to our OKTA accounts
  2. Login to SalesForce
  3. find corresponding queue in SF
  4. Login to external payment system
  5. check one buy one payment is it ok or not


  1. Login to our OKTA accounts
  2. Login to SalesForce
  3. Login to external payment system
  4. find corresponding queue in SF
  5. Scrape data to create Transaction items
  6. Take values from SF ( about 10 values 20+ clicks )
  7. Paste all in Gsheet

Customer needs to approve in gsheet payment, so there is drop down many on approved column


  1. Read gsheet
  2. Check is it approved
  3. I approved continue if not busicess exception (not approved)
  4. Create XML
  5. Send xml with api to SAP and post payments

Hope it helps.


I’ll go second :slight_smile:

This is one project that I worked on couple of weeks back.
Nature of the company: Construction
Domain: Finance
Project: Purchase order request and management

When there is a need to purchase items, the user places a purchase order request along with a quotation from the vendor. Once the request is approved, the purchase order is created.
The PO, is then sent to another department, where they extract the key information from the PO, and update their applications.

Process 1
Manual steps:

  1. Login to Sharepoint
  2. Extract the information needed to generate the PO
  3. Generate the PO

Automated steps:

  1. Login to Sharepoint
  2. Extract the PO request and the information from the quotes
  3. Generate the PO
  4. Send out emails alerting for approval

Process 2
Manual steps:

  1. Login to Sharepoint
  2. Download verified PO’s
  3. Login to ERP
  4. Create the PO and send for approval

Automated steps:

  1. Login to sharepoint
  2. Login to ERP
  3. Download the approved PO files
  4. Extract the key information
  5. Send verification alerts through UiPath Action Center on PO data extraction
  6. Generate the PO in the ERP

RPA tools: UiPath
Technology: AI Fabric (to extract PO data), Unattended robots, Action Center, Orchestrator

Another use case:

Salesforce is used to track sales opportunities. Under the opportunity segment, there are different stages. The client wanted to extract the opportunities that complete the need analysis stage, and update one of their new ERP applications. This system is used parallel to Salesforce to track and maintain their proposals for qualified opportunities.

Manual steps:

  1. Login to Salesforce
  2. Update the status of the opportunity as complete “Need Analysis”
  3. Extract information
  4. Login to ERP
  5. Insert the data

Automated steps:
We used the UiPath Salesforce connector. A simple automated trigger is configured in Salesforce so that it will trigger a process in UiPath Orchestrator as soon as the status of the opportunity is updated.

The triggered process included the below steps:

  1. Connect to Salesforce through Salesforce activities
  2. Extract the information of the opportunity
  3. Upload the data into a Queue

This is the Dispatcher process

Performer process
Triggered from the queue using Queue Trigger

  1. Login to ERP
  2. Get queue items
  3. Insert the records and update or ignore updating existing records based on business logic

RPA tool: UiPath
Technology: Salesforce connector, unattended robot, Orchestrator

Another use case:

Invoice processing - medical and telecom

Domain: Finance and accounting

The finance team receives telecommunication invoices as well as medical invoices. Telecom invoices are little different as those include call duration kind of info. On medical invoices, similar to a normal invoice, but with few additional fields related to the health care items
The data is extracted from the invoices, and updated there systems with the important figures.

Manual steps:

  1. Read through emails
  2. download the invoices
  3. Login to ERP
  4. Upate the system with data in the invoices

Automated steps: - Attended
Process 1

  1. Read emails and download attachments to a folder

Process 2: - Unattended

  1. Loop through the files in the folder
  2. use Document Understanding with Invoices model
  3. Extract information
  4. Validate using Validation Station/ Action Center
  5. Update Queue, and databases

Process 3: - Unattended - Triggered from the queue

  1. Login to ERP
  2. Get queue items
  3. Process and update ERP

RPA tool: UiPath
Technology: Document Understanding, unattended, Orchestrator, Action Center


Hi @SK_2123,

Welcome to the UiPath community! :grinning:

Radomir and Lahiru have shared their projects, here’s my share:

Current Automation is being built for a client in the Oil and Gas domain where the manual process involved checking contracts, setting up services, and activation using in-house built systems.

The presented problem was split into multiple sub-processes and designed in such a fashion that would accommodate human intervention to provide additional data when needed. Certain process improvements were done along the way to standardize across multiple team members.

Automated steps involve - Files check, Interaction with 2 internal systems, Input data based on the logic on different screens, and finally notify the users.

Prior Automations that I had built and deployed were in Finance, Learning, and Oil & Gas domains. Processes were for Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Bank Reconciliation, AP Jobs, Learning Management, etc.

Hope this helps, Happy Automation!



Hi Lahiru,

First of all Thank you so much for the information. I have few queries. I have few queries like what exact activities you have used so that it will give a whole idea and we as a beginner can relate to the flow.

  1. How did extract information needed to generate PO?- Did you use scraping or downloading the files from the sharepoint

  2. How did you generate PO? is it a separate application or its manual.

  3. For sending out emails - Did you use sharePoint mail activities or UIPath mail activities
    4.From which location you are downloading the PO files and did you use Document understanding for extracting Key information.

Apologies for bombarding with lot of questions but i found this use case very interesting and my IT career was in to .Net and SharePoint so just curious to know more about it

Please reply if you get time.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi, Thanks for such a valuable info. In the third use case, What kind of extractor have you used? What type of document is the one (digital/semi-structured)? Is there any hand written text in it? Please help me with these answers. Because I am trying to extract hand written text. But unable to find a solution, yet.