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My name is Rawan a RPA developer from FinTechSys as we are already assigned the partnership with UiPath.I started with UiPath before more than 6 months and developed many cases such as excel automation , APIs , and desktop application automation in many scenarios.

And for now , we have a use case that pretty complex because it requires to deal with more than 10 apps at the same time depends on triggers.

There are a lot to discuss it here so I was wondering, if we can have an online meeting with you to discuss the details?

Also I want to mention that UiPath technology is so amazing with its feature and abilities in RPA processes but needs a time to learn all these things which we don’t have it as we have commitments with our customers who they are an Electronic-Wallet companies and Money Exchanger companies so I can see that we will need to apply robot on more than 1500 machines in different companies.

So to summarize my issue, I want to discuss the best scenario with you to see the best for our case and show you our REframework projects for this case and the challenges we faced because we need now to go forward to purchase the robot licenses and On Premises license.

Waiting to hear from you.

Kindly Regards.



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I didn’t get what you mean !!!

With the Mentor / Mentee program you can look for someone who will guide you in a particular mentorship. It is also described on the website. Maybe you can open the link and explore further.

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