Requesting for the Real time Project for Practice

Hi Guys,

I am new to UI Path. so went through some tutorials and i have some Basic knowledge in C#, HTML, CSS … i did some Eamples also…

1. Website Data scrapping
2. PDF data extraction
3. Excel Activities …

So can anyone assign some real time project kind of thing for my practice…it will be useful…


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For all these we got examples and resources in
kindly refer that website and in that under LEVEL -1 we got special practice sessions for these kind of automation
Cheers @suresh_kumar4

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Thanks a lot let me go through it,…

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Have you completed Level 3 - Advanced Training training in Uipath Academy site ?

If not then do that one and it will contains 3 assignments. Then you will get some idea about Real Time projects.

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Okay Thank you!!

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