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Can any one help me on how to read the data from pdf and store it in excel.

pdf have structured data.




Use get pdf text activity and ull get the output as text and u can manipulate it into string wat u need and u can write it into excel using write range or write cel activity.

9.Extract datas from pdf.zip (583.9 KB)

Just unzip and run the main file and see how i have handled the pdf to excel data conversion

Convert table from PDF to Excel

@avinashy, Along with Ragu’s Solution you can also refer our forum posts as well,


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Thanks for the response @raghuvarthan. i tried your code but i am able to get only headers.Not the values for that particular fields.

please suggest.



Hi, no need to worry if you still did not find the solution for your query. A few months ago, I was also having the same query. I was searching for a solution to extract data from PDF and save in Excel format. Then, I found an application which helps me to do the process step by step. I learn about this tool and found it, as the best solution to extract text from PDF and save as excel. I hope this tool will help you to perform this task in an easy manner.


Dear Raguvarthan,

I want to know How I can use your workflow to extract data from my pdf.SINI002871119.pdf (175.1 KB)

I want to extract the data mark red like below. Any sugguestions?


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Hello All ,

Even i am facing a similar issue. can someone help me out on this ?

Thanks in advance!!