Send data from pdf to excel

Hello i have a robot that read thorugh different folders and extract data from pdf ( made this work)

Now i want to create a new excel sheet everytime i run it and popluate it with the data i have extracted, but i want to have the header setup like this

And where it says status and kommentar make certaint text based on what folder the robot its reading the pdf from

here its what i currnently have Main.xaml (23.9 KB)

Thanks in advanced

create one datatable with same excel columns once your robot is processed one folder add that information into datatable on required columns then once all folders finished in the end use writerage activity to crete excel (if you want to create separate excel for every folder that also you can do in write range activity in the properties session check the check box “add headders”)

THanks i will give it a shot, not quite sure if i understand 100%

if you face any problems let me know

did not work as expected Main.xaml (24.2 KB)

Dont want to create seperate files for each folder, but where it says status i want each folder to have a variable like. “foldername 1” = Approved, “folder2” = Missing information, then in comments i want to add an additional text saying a little comment that i will make for the robot to use based on what folder they are in

Ok i managed to create the excel sheet with the headers i want, next step now its to populate the right heards with the right value, how can that be perfromed ? thanks in advanced

Now you have data right using add data row activity into datatable and then write it into excel

what shall i set in array row and data row?

You are extracted the data right and where you are storing the that data and how what is the format that you are storing .

the extracted data from my pdfs are stored as strings, example branch = one string , dmg date = one string etc

Okay then prepare one data table with format like create columns in datatable same as excel and then use add row to add data into datatable and then use write range acitivity

like this ? data%20row

Yes and check in add row activity we can send list

what shall i insert in array row and datarow?

Check this link

have checked that once before, but did not get the grasp of it. Shall i make another activity with add data column ?

do one thing use invoke code activity and then use this syntax to add
–datatable.columns.add(column name)
add how many columns that required
and then to add data
– datatable.rows.add(here add your data one by one in a an order)

do you have an example of the perfromance ? SAhall i use add data column activity, assign column name as exmaple “branch” then on column assign 1, then next would be add another add data column activity and do the same for the other columns, then in add data row i assign one of the column then i have to perfrom this for everyonie ?

no need to use add data column activity because in build datatable activity it self you can add the columns

thats my build data table