Read the body of an email?

I am trying to copy a specific section of the body of an auto-generated email that comes in a structured format each day. Is there a way to do this in StudioX?



Hi @CRice - There is no option available in StudioX to read the body of the email but you do that using normal studio using .Body() method.

Hope it will help you.


Hi, consider that reading an email will let you deal with arguments of type System.Net.Mail.MailMessage ( so there are not special attributes to read specific “sections” of an mail.
All you can do is to parse the body of the message in order to extract data you are looking for

Hi CRice,

If the email body will always look the same, you can try the following:

1.outlook card
2.write cell : -what to write: selected mail ->body / where to write: indicate in excel (for example A1)
3.text to columns : source A1 / destination B1 / delimited with spaces

At this point you will have the body of the email written each word on another cell.
Further you can get the needed section with another indicate from excel. But you need the email to look always the same in order to have the needed section in the same cell each day.