StudioX - Outlook body text to variables

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a workflow in StudioX to open an Outlook mailbox, and for each unread message, copy text items into three variables. These variables will then be used within a web session.

With the following workflow, the mailbox opens correctly, unread messages are loaded, and it will properly display the body of the email within the Message Box. However, I’m unsure how to select specific text within the body of the message as variables. (I’d replace the current Message Box control with the functions to extract the text).

The formatting and body of the email is very simple:


I’d like to read the message, and assign the value after the colon to the corresponding variable names (ProjectName, TaskName, and VendorName). Thanks for any help/ideas!

For now, only available option is to use “text to column” activity and only if the message body is always the same, read the specific cell in excell.
If the text is not the same always, you can try to text to column also and then use excell to extract data.
In future releases will be available a studiox activity to directly extract needed data.

Happy automation!

Ok, thank you!