How to read specific mail message part using IMAP

There is a process which reads unread emails from outlook, and read their subject and some information from Message body part.

now if I want to read some specific part of mail and want to store in a variable. How to do this?

I am able to read message body but I want to read some specific part.

If u get the answer?
Plz help me…


I am not sure if this is the efficient way.
But the solution I found if you are searching for the emails with the same body or subject.
After “Get Outlook mail” for each mail then Save Mail Message to a text file and Read text file as shown in the screenshot and the expression used in assign activity would be

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match( text ,“(?<=Sentence before specific part).*?(?= Sentence after Specific part)”).ToString


Open to correct if am wrong.