Extracting specific parts of mail body to specific columns(cells) in excel


I am trying to build a work flow in UI path studio, which would read outlook / gmail mails and extract specific parts in the mail body to specific cells (column) in the excel.

Could you please help by providing some link for material or vedio or suggest some UI path components which will help doing this.

Most contents i came through explains using keywords/filters to extract mails. But what ever mail is extracted, it is the full mail body that gets into a single cell in excel.

I wish to extract different parts of the mail body to different cells in excel based on predefined rules/mapping.

Could you please suggest how i can work with that.


Refer this

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Use IMAP or get outlook mail message to get all your emails. Now iterate over each email and get the body of the email. After you get the body of the email use regular expression to extract the required data from the email and put it into excel.

I would suggest you to first Get outlook mail messages html body then convert your html table into datatable HTML to Datatable - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace