Read Range Workbook: Sequence contains no matching element

Hi All,

When I am trying to use Read range activity, this error occurs.
I want to read particular cells(L47:X71) in whole excel sheet and extract it as DataTable.

Any help will be appreciated

Thanks in advance


First of all error says it cannot access …either the file is open or is still alive in background or the location is wrong or locked…please check the same and use accordingly…to kill background excel use task manager and check if anything is running in background


Hi @Chetan_Wagh,

Can you try using Excel scope?


Hi @Chetan_Wagh

This error occurs usually when you try to read a range that does not exist in your workbook 1.

Here are some possible reasons why this error might occur:

• The sheet name and range name is incorrect.

• The sheet or range does not exist in the workbook.

To resolve this error, you can try the following:

• Check that the sheet name and range name are correct.

• Check that the sheet or range exists in the workbook.

• You can try different excel activity Like : Excel scope, Modern Excel activity

Check out the docs

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Yeah. The file was left open by mistake, closed it and retried. Hence I have colored it red. Ignore Please. Wanted to ask the second error,

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It does not look like an excel issue…can you try closing the project and reopen it and check…

Alternately check if the same issue is coming in a different project for that file

If its persistent then try using excel applications cope instead of workbook…but mostly it looks like a one of issue may be a corrupted file can try saving the file as different name and read it using save as option in excel


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Please do use Excel Application Scope, issue should be resolved.

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Thank you so much @Harshith_Adyanthaya . It worked :slight_smile:

Worked with EAS. Thank you @Anil_G :slight_smile:

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EAS worked. Thank you @Gokul001 :slight_smile:

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