Read Range Activity Is Throwing an error

error message is Read Range :range doesn’t exits .
this error pop very often when I use read range …I giving range in Read Range still it’s throwing an error

Attach your workflow or tell us what range are you using in the Range property.

ExcelSelectMethod.xaml (14.7 KB)

Select Methos is also throwing an error.

May be related with some security issues. You’re opening an .xlsm not .xlsx.
Could you attach an Excel sample too.

Please do not post entries like “is throwing an error” and try to give as many information

  • what error
  • what activity is throwing the error
  • what version
  • attach relevant files

Please Have a look at this Zip file …
Next Time will keep in mind while posting

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what is the error that you are seeing? can we have at least a screenshot with it?
is it happening every time or sometimes?


  • so reading Excel works (xlsm or xlsx).
  • you are using datatable1.Select("Account="+Account), start reading the range from A2 with add headers therefore you won’t have any “Account” column. You should start reading from A1
  • …which is impossible because you have duplicate columns like “Country Citizenship”
  • there is no Account column
  • For Each is not well configured (the type param should be DataRow and not DataRow())

therefore you can

  • read from A2 without “Add Headers” checked
  • the filter should be in this case datatable1.Select("Column0="+Account)ExcelSelectMethod.xaml (15.0 KB)

The Excel and DataTypes Tutorials are must see.

I have removed the zip. Not sure if that is real data or sample data.



In Same Automation, I want to check a single row having empty fields.
Suppose In 1st row want to check to which columns are empty by name.
How can I Do that.

I encounter the action of removing the zip very elegant, positive and a lot more of encouraging terms. thanks.

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I’ve got a problem with the Read Range activity. The WorkFlow Exception display a message Error who say that The Sheet doesn’t exist. Can you help me?

Hi Sailor33, did you check if the sheet name mentioned is correct? Could you provide a screenshot with the excel file opened and also one of the UI Path workflow?

Hey @Sailor33

You have checked that the sheet name you are passing to read range is correct or not.

or if still facing the error then check the spaces in name or something.



Please check the complete tutorial on this,