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May I ask that how i can cope with this problem when i transfer the read range workbook to my target one?

Hi Happydayyy,

I have some questions for you:

  1. What happens if you isolate the Read Range Workbook activity? I mean, only add the Read Range Workbook activity to an empty Workflow. Looks like a problem with the rest of the workflow.
  2. Is the error happening with that particular Excel or with all your Excel Sheets?
  3. What is the data type of you output variable?

If it’s possible for you to share the workflow and/or test data, will be appreciated.

Juan P.

Hi @Happydayyy

This error occurs usually when you try to read a range that does not exist in your workbook 1.

Here are some possible reasons why this error might occur:

• The sheet name and range name is incorrect.
• The sheet or range does not exist in the workbook.

To resolve this error, you can try the following:

• Check that the sheet name and range name are correct.
• Check that the sheet or range exists in the workbook.

Check out the documentation on Read Range


The workflow:
example.xaml (14.3 KB)
The targeted excel file:

My workflow is tranfering data from “” to sheet 1, but i am already typing the name of both file and sheet by copy and paste. Can u help me check where i went wrong. Many thanksss.


It seems the following comment may be cause. For now, can you try to remove the comment, then run the workflow?


template looking up.xlsx (46.6 KB)


Ohh! Thank you so much. This problem have been solved.

But I have another problem in this case.

If i want to show the name in row A in each column, I tick the AddHeaders inside the properties of read range, but there seems have some issues. In the file, ‘1(mg)’ is in column AB, why i can’t write cell to it?


For now, can you check content of the datatable at Locals panel when workflow stops due to exception using Debug Run?