Unable to read the sheet in Excel

Hi all,

                 I'm unable to read the sheet in excel using read range activity.

The error message is “A column named ‘Comp date’ already belongs to this DataTable.”
Comp date is one of the column in the sheet.
When I’m trying to read another sheet in the same excel, the error arises and it is
Message: “The range does not exist.”
The Excel contains some Vlookup formulas I think that is the problem while reading the sheet.
Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.

Hi @Shivaraju

Try using the read range within the Excel Application Scope and let know whether it works?

I had used read range activity inside Excel Application scope.But still getting the above error.

Is it possible to share the excel file so that we can have a look? if its okay with you

Due to some restrictions can’t share the excel.
Anyway thank you for your interest.

Have you provided the proper range? If you want to read entire sheet you can leave the range empty otherwise you should mention proper range. Something like this


Can you attach a workflow?


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I want to read the entire sheet so kept only quotes in read range activity.

If not necessary, uncheck the ‘Add header’ option. It will work.

Sure…Will upload it in an hour

a datatable can not have two columns with same name… in your case it it ‘Comp date’


Thank you… Will check it.

Thank you @AkshaySandhu

Will check the Excel and let me know you the result.

Thank you @AkshaySandhu
Excel contains two columns with the same name “Comp date”

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