For some reason, Read Range is not fetching the

Please see if anything is incorrect here.

This is what I am trying to fetch. 3 rows and 5 columns

Hey read rangeX should be used inside excel process scope


Hi, why you use double read range activity in your process workflow?

use excel application process activity, use excel unchecked create if not exists checkbox and then read range activity

It is under excel scope and use excel ,Screenshot doesn’t show it. I am using double read range because I am hoping atleaset one of them should work. If I wouldnt be using inside “Use Excel” it should give an error. So that’s not an issue.
Any other solution?

Okay, use Read Range Workbook activity then.


Are you not getting the data?

Or is there any other issue?

One read range should suffice you dont need multiple


This is not working. I am doing some actions on that sheet and then I need to pull some columns, therefore it shows error.

yes not getting data. no other issue.

please close your excel first and then run

Close the excel file if it is open


Just to check can you try givign the first cell number instead of leaving blank and try


Read range output is in datatable type variable and suppose you need to check this output in message box then use output data table activity and give this output data table output in messsage box

here you use read range output directly in message box that’s why you not getting data in message box

Don’t get confused

  1. Read range workbook activity (Var_dt)
  2. output data table activity use read range output (Var_dt) in this
  3. and in message box give output data table output and check

Just a dumb question, but why are your column headers not on row 1? You have the checkboxes on for header row and visible rows only. Maybe uncheck all, put your data up on the top like normal and filter for what you want from the resulting datatable.

This is an issue

This is downloaded file from internal source. Need to check if I could delete 1-3 rows to bring header on top.
Do you suggest doing that? If done, Would it work?

did that. getting the same blank data table.

Any solution?
I am still stuck on Read Range Activity


Can you share a sample excel here please?


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