Unable to read mail messages from outlook

Hi all,

While using get outlook mail messages activities if mail box is configured with another generic mail id(finally outlook has two mail accounts abc@sample.com,xys@sample.com) if i mention mail account(second mail id) and folder as “Inbox” i am facing error stating “Specified Folder Does Not Exists”.

can anyone please help on this


Please specify full folder path for second email id and try


You can input the account from which you want to retrieve the mails if you have multiple accounts configured in the outlook application.

Please refer to below link to learn more

Thanks for the reply.

since we are configuring the second mail box(shared mailbox) as generic id without password in that case if i mention full path(\abc@xyz.xom\Inbox) in folder and account as (abc@xyz.com) in account field it is still showing specific folder not exists.

please give response asap if possible.

Thanks in adavance.

@praneethpeyyeti - Can you reconfigure your outlook and check process again.


After configuring new mail box and try to restart outlook and check.

already restarted lakshman still showing same issue.


Try this…

  1. Close the Outlook
  2. Open it using “Run as Administrator”
  3. Execute the program.

And also in the Mail Folder mention like this: "abc@xyz.com\Inbox"

@praneethpeyyeti it is case sensitive, try to change your email address to exactly same as what it shows in the outlook, e.g. Xys@sample.com

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