Copy excel data table and paste into SAP datatable

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I need to copy all excel data and paste into SAP table, there are any option to read data from excel and store into datatable variable and paste into SAP datatable. Because excel contains 20 columns and multiple rows.


Sharing my thoughts on the requirement. I am not sure how this SAP application work.

By seeing the screenshot typically we can store the excel information into datatable and using for each row datatable activity and loop row by row with the column name.

Eg: Current Row(“Document Date”).Tostring

to get the above expression and get the particular row value for the column and insert the value in the screen and using hotkeys like tab to move to the next grid and use the above expression for different column in a same row. Once you finish the first two fully use send hot key enter to go to the second row in application.

Some of the SAP application or ERP we do have mechanism like mass upload. If the above application also have this fesability we can open the excel data and remove the first row and copy the entire content in excel using ctrl A and ctrl C and go to the application and select the first grid and use ctrl c hot key to paste the whole information. For this method our SAP should support mass upload. Thanks.

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Mass upload support this SAP application.

in that case could you try that copy and paste method i have suggested above. we are doing the same approach for our Oracle JD Edwards. thanks.

Excel have multiple sheets in file so, how i can open specific excel sheet and copy data from specific sheet.

Use work book read range and mention the specific sheet name so that you will get the data in data table. Now use work book write range and write the data table data into temporary excel sheet and while writing the data un check the add data headers so that you will not get any headers. After these steps try to implement the suggestion i provided above for copy and paste. Please try and let us know. thanks.

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