Read Excel and Convert to Data Table

I would like to read the data from the excel and convert it to data table first, then I would need to read each row of the data table instead of the excel file by using sth as
row(“column name”).ToString.Trim

Does anyone know how could I do this?


You can use Read Range activity for this, there were 2 Read Range activities, one is use for .xls file and Read Range activity in WorkBook will be useful for .xlsx

If your excel file is .xlsx then there is no use of application scope, else you need to put Read Range in Excel application Scope

This Read Range will output Datatable

You can use For Each Row with and mention you Datatable name

Hope this helps you


Thanks for the response.
May I confirm after I use read range, does it has been automatically converted to datatable?

Do I still need to use activity like build datatable or generate datatable before proceed to using for each row?
As I would like to ensure if the RPA programme lost connnection with the excel file, the programme would still work in that case.


It is not required to use any other activities, Read range will output as a Datatable, all you need to do is just mention the range after that you are fine to use For each Row to iterate inside the Datatable

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