How to Convert excel to DataTable in UIPath?

I want to add the data and column to the data table , any idea thanks ?
build DT


Excel data

You can use the Read range activity here and specify the range as “A1:B3” and you will get the output as datatable.

@srinath49 so I dont need to build a data table ?

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No need and no need to define range either if you just want to read everything on the sheet :smiley: Just assign output to a dt-variable

and how access each for ? @nicortak for example I want access the data from the output DT

how are we going to access each row like row(“filename”).toString is that automatic without building a datatable ?

Build is for when you need to manually design the columns.

Just use Read Range from Workbook Activities and it’ll put it into a DT for you, using the spreadsheet as the design of the DT.