How to Add Excel data to a Build DataTable?

Hi All,

I’ve build a data table with 4 columns(Saved in DT1). And using read range workbook activity, read a Excel file(Saved in DT2). Now I have to add each excel row data into DT1 data table.



Please help me with the logic.
Thanks in Advance:-)


Why do you want to build separate table…Instead after reading the data you can delete the non required columns using filter datatable

If you still want to load then loop the second datatable and use add data row


Hi @Vaishnav_Tej ,

Read range activity will store the excel information into the data table. Do you want to store the some of the information from the data table which we have all the student info. if that is the requirement please follow the below steps.

1.use for each row activity and assign the data table which you retrieved from excel.

  1. In the for each row activity use the condition to check if the row matches the requirement.

  2. if it matches use the add data row activity to add the row to data table which is created by using build data table activity.

  3. once you complete the loop you will get the data table with all the required info.

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