Read csv file step by step

I have a stream that needs to read the csv file that contains only one column, pick up line by line from that file and impale in a text field, do some searching and save the data in excel.

then the flow would basically be as per the annex.

however I would like it to read only one line at a time and not all in the same “cycle”.

for example, I have a csv file with 200 CPF’S I need to get 1 CPF number, do a web search, save the data in excel and after that get the second CPF until it does this with the whole csv file, however it is reading everything at once and trying to impute everything at once with the type into.

Do you have any way to fix it?
I am sending my workflow, if anyone can help me I thank youMainteste.xaml (6.6 KB)

@Beatriz row(0).ToString in type into activity, Try this once

“trying to impute everything at once with the type into.”
this happens cause only have your input activity, you need to add the rest of your activities to “do a web search”

Hello In my workflow is row.item (“CPF”) .ToString () I tried to put
row (0) .item (“CPF”) .ToString () and is giving error

even having the full flow it puts more than one CPF before clicking on search
have some other way?

@Beatriz check the “emptyfield” box on the type into activity
also, you can use “row(0).ToString” if the data you want is in the first column

@Beatriz just use row(0).ToString

still it did not work, he is picking up all the values ​​of the column and imputation in the field at once, not even the time to click the search button

@Beatriz Can you attach your csv file

If you can help me, I thank you.

I converted the file to excel because it does not accept csv filetim00.xlsx (33.5 KB)

@Beatriz Check attached zip file (26.2 KB)