Read one cell at a time in csv file

I need to read a csv file that contains some numbers and grab this data and play in an input field, however it is reading all the data at once and I need it to read one every cycle the robot makes.

For example it takes the value of the first column and after it does the whole process it takes the value of the second cell and so on

it is possible? can anybody help me?

Thank you very much in advance

well if after one cycle made by the robot the CSV file updates, you can read all the data (many times as the lines in your CSV file) and uses a counter (integer variable) to identify the column and the line.
If the CSV file doesn’t sofer any change, then you can use a for each row to go through all the file.

I hope this helps.

could you send me an example? I still do not understand much of uipath.


Hello, are you sure we’re talking about 1 process for 1 cell and not 1 row ? (just asking :slight_smile: to be sure )

you will read the same column, to will goes to the date the process of an cell in a process.

why do I have a CPF column and every cycle I put a different CPF understood?

of the CPF at a time and imputed in a field

try something like this, based on what you want…

I hope helps.

Hello Marcos

I tried to do it the same way and it’s still giving error, could you help me?

teste05.xaml (7.4 KB)

Hello Beatriz,
You need to change the type of your variables to INT, and for know the lines of your CSV file you can use something like ‘numberRowsCSV = yourDT.Rows.Count’, your condition, in do while, will be like: ‘count <= numberRowsCSV’.
Remember, if the CSV file doesn’t update every cycle you just need to use a for each row to read him.

the data from the csv file never changes, however the moment I use the foreach it tries to impute all lines at once only in the imput field.
I found that using the counter in the first “cycle” it would verify that it would need to get the first cell, then the second cell until all the csv rows have finished.

as the images show, the first line would be the value 41998258247, but it tries to put all the numbers of the csv file in the same field as shown in the first image


Maybe is because the delimiter of your CSV file.
Try change the delimiter on “Read CSV” activity on properties table.000