Read csv file line by line

I have a doubt and I need your help, I’m reading a csv file and using for each to read the file and impute the data I want in an imput field (type into), I was able to do this, however he le the whole file at once.
ie it puts the 10 names in the field and I need them to do it with only one name at a time

assuming I have a csv file with 10 names and I wanted to put only the first name of the csv in the available field and search, after I did all the search I would read the csv file again and get the second line of the file. it’s possible?
teste1.xaml (9.7 KB)

Follow what I’ve done so far.

If someone can help me with an example I would greatly appreciate it.

See this -

teste1.xaml (8.2 KB)

There is no need of Do while when you have For each loop for datatable. Open browser do your stuff then use navigate to the home URL

Could you send an image? I tried to open the file and it is giving errorimg


I hope you have recent packages installed

sorry I could not understand, put the navigate to and even then he keeps putting the 10 names in succession, I would like him to take only the first name, do all the necessary research and as soon as he finishes reading the csv file again and get the second name, I tried to do it this way

read csv file
Enter on internet
for each
and in the type into field
row.item (“name”) .ToString ()

so it would read all the column names (name)

the csv file consists basically of a single column being



etc…teste1 (3).xaml (8.5 KB)

You just have to write row(“ColumnName”).tostring and it will have one name at a time then perform your stuff then it will have second name and so on. The loop will execute for every name once so in this way you can do your stuff. For example


The loop will start and have first name as beatriz

then you perform your stuff in the browsers then use navigate to, then second time it will have name august and so son

I understand, I would not have another way to do just changing something in for each, because if I have to read a csv file with 1000 lines I have to put the navigate to every time I want to search under another name?

That is right because you have to do a fresh search