Read CSV Error

I moved the Workflow(both 2016.2) to a different machine and I get the below error.I have checked the packages including V7 compatibility, everything seems to be same.

If I remove Encoding its working. Please suggest if I need to install anything specfic.

<ui:ReadCsvFile Encoding="{x:Null}" DataTable="[dtconfig]" Delimitator=“Comma” DisplayName=“Read CSV” FilePath="[configFile.Trim]" sap2010:WorkflowViewState.IdRef=“ReadCsvFile_2” />

Moved Excel and CSV helper packages from source machine and reinstalled. Seems to have worked. Please ignore this. Thanks.

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The encoding property was recently added to CVS activities. If you create a workflow with the latest UiPath version it will contain encoding. If you try to open the workflow with a previous version of UiPath it will complain about the encoding because it doesn’t know about it.

The other way around should work; if you have an old workflow you can still open it with the latest version and no encoding will be used. So we are backward compatible but not forward compatible.



Thanks @adrian. In my case machines have UiPath 2016.2 although wf was designed in 2016.1, even the package versions were exactly the same unless I missed something.

Since Excel activity nuget is dependent upon CSV helper Nuget, I uninstalled both and installed source machine packages on new machine and it worked.

Please follow below tutorial,