Read CSV Error



I moved the Workflow(both 2016.2) to a different machine and I get the below error.I have checked the packages including V7 compatibility, everything seems to be same.

If I remove Encoding its working. Please suggest if I need to install anything specfic.

<ui:ReadCsvFile Encoding="{x:Null}" DataTable="[dtconfig]" Delimitator=“Comma” DisplayName=“Read CSV” FilePath="[configFile.Trim]" sap2010:WorkflowViewState.IdRef=“ReadCsvFile_2” />

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Moved Excel and CSV helper packages from source machine and reinstalled. Seems to have worked. Please ignore this. Thanks.


The encoding property was recently added to CVS activities. If you create a workflow with the latest UiPath version it will contain encoding. If you try to open the workflow with a previous version of UiPath it will complain about the encoding because it doesn’t know about it.

The other way around should work; if you have an old workflow you can still open it with the latest version and no encoding will be used. So we are backward compatible but not forward compatible.



Thanks @adrian. In my case machines have UiPath 2016.2 although wf was designed in 2016.1, even the package versions were exactly the same unless I missed something.

Since Excel activity nuget is dependent upon CSV helper Nuget, I uninstalled both and installed source machine packages on new machine and it worked.


Please follow below tutorial,