Hello everyOne

When i worked,I have a problem.please help me,thank for you help.The following is the problem.

The Output 'show is
could not find type ‘ReadCsvFile’ in namespace ‘http://schemas.uipath.com/workflow/activities’.Row :754,Column:24

when it execute ,it show Unexpected character encountered while parsing value : {.path ‘workflowFile’. line1,position 17

Do you have a sample workflow for people to reproduce the problem?

There is some activity missing in your workflow, go to manage package in Uipath and try to update the workflow activity of excel , then close the Uipath and open and run the workflow , problem will be resolved.


Thank you for your kindness.
I solved it.

Thank you. I solved it.
I deleted the old one and I install a new UiPath Studio and install all the activity.

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