Read Cell: Could not read cell from address R1C2

Hello! My error “Read Cell: Could not read cell from address R1C2.”
Why it is happen when I try read cell or read range?

@RPA3 We use Read range activity and Read Cell to read the excel data which is in form of Rows and Columns.

@rpa3 What did you put in read cell activity for the cell you wanted to read? I believe you must specify a range in the “B1” format rather than “R1C2” format

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In my input excel file - cell will be “R1C2” - it is one cell

What I can do?

Change the cell to “B1”, it cant be in R1C1 format, it has to be in ColumnLetter/RowNumber format instead R1C2 = B1 (C2 = column2 = column B, and R1 = Row1)

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How I can change, if it is input files from company?

In your read cell activity, choose to read the cell “B1”. Currently you are trying to read the cell “R1C2”, correct? You need to change it on your end within studio

If you are getting exact text “R1C2” to mean row 1 and col 2, then you have to convert it to the format accepted in the activity or read the entire excel spreadsheeet and extract it from the datatable using row and col index. Either way you have to translate the input

How I can to convert it to the format accepted in the activity ?

When I read all table - cells also remain “R1C2”

if the input is R#C# where R is row and C is column, you need to take the value and use a function to get the “#” values and adjust for index number in a databale. I.e row 1 and col1 in data table is index 0,0. Use that to get the result dt.rows(0).item(1).

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