Excel activities do not support R1C1 Reference Style

In excel there are 2 ways of specifying a range

  1. A2:C10
     This traditional style is supported.
     Secifies the cells from Column A row 2 till Column C row 10
  2. R2C1:R10C3
     This is a R1C1 reference style which is supported by excel.[Screenshot attached]
     But, when this style range is specified in the read range activity, an error is thrown which says -` `**`Invalid Address format`**``

If an address format is supported by excel, I expect UiPath should also have supported it.

For huge excel inputs it is not always that we can have datatables created for entire ranges. Also, when there is a need for reading custom ranges within loops, conversion from iteration variables to Column names comes into picture(Eg. variable value 3 should get converted to Column C & value 28 to AB)(this further varies when someone’s indexing starts from 0 which means 3 = D and 28 = AC)
This R1C1 Reference style of specifying range will definitely be a huge help. wouldn’t it?

@badita @Sachin_Desai - please help with this issue


A small work-around that I thought of for this is the use of ASCII codes:
ex: you have the code 65 for capital A and you can use CHR(65+variable)+rownumber.ToString to enter any range you need.
Hope this helps

Thanks for the response but, this will only work till (65+25). What for further referencing?
Instead of developing a xaml for this kind of conversion which will be universally required for all excels, I expect that UiPath should have supported the R1C1 reference style which is already available in excel.

I was inspired by this idea and wrote the code.
With this code you can convert numbers to column symbols.
Use “Invoke code”
Dim colstr As String
Dim modn As Integer

num = num - 1
modn = num Mod 26
colstr = chr(65+modn) & colstr
num = CInt(Math.truncate(num / 26))
Loop While num > 0
num in int32
str out String


It’s really useful tips! Useful when specifying a range of Excel activitie “Create Table”.

ColumnNumberToAlphabeticalDigit.zip (126.1 キロバイト)