RE Framework - GetAppCredentials.xaml working

ReFramework’s UiDemo practice: In UiDemo_Login.xaml file, we are creating an input argument named In_Credential.
q1. Where is the this In_Credential argument taking the data from? How do we specify the location it should read data ?

They have used GetAppCredentials.xaml file in the walkthrough which is taking data from In_Credential and storing the data in Username & password variables and exporting the data as Out_Username & Out_password arguments.
Q2. How GetAppCredentials.xaml is working?

Hi @ankit002

This should help

Config File for Credentials


Hi @AshwinS2, thanks for your response.
I went through the topic and it helped with a few things but i didn’t get a clear solution or explanation.

There are 2 useful solutions in there:

  1. you will be having dictionary of config values: you should pass the value as config(“MyUsername”) for user name and Config(“MyPassword”) for password.
    Q. – For this solution what changes i need to make in Config file? Also, for the string config(“MyUsername”) are we giving the key or the value for the key?

  2. create variables username(string) and password(securestring), use Invoke Workflow File activity, to invoke GetAppCredentials.xaml(from REFramework which is going to try and fetch from orchestrator, if that’s not successful - its going to use windows credential manager), click import arguments and set out_username = username and out_password = password.
    Q. – From where GetAppCredentials.xaml reading the input (username & password) from?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ankit002

If you want to follow in framework wise please go to solution 2