Getapp credentials xaml not available in framework folder - Assignment Client Security Hash

Hi Friends,

I was practicing for Reframework Assignment 1 - Client Security Hash, During practice at one stage i need to Create two In Arguments - one for System1 URL, and the other for System1 Credential.Invoke the Framework\GetAppCredential workflow file.

But unfortunately i am not able to locate GetAppCredential.xaml file in framework folder as attached . Can any one help me out so that i can continue further. Thanks

Hi @Abdul_Jawad

As per the academy video on reframework , it was old reframework

but as per the new reframework there is no getappcredentials,

The main purpose of this was to retrive the credentials values.

But instead of that in initallapplications workflow, u can use the get credentials to retrieve the credentials data from asset directly.

Here u can see it .

In this video u can see how i build the complete workflow for uidemo automation.

In the 43:00 u can see how i log into the uidemo app

Hope it helps

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Nived N

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Thank you brother, i will check video.