Config File for Credentials

Im trying to learn how to use the config file for Assets, alongside using the Framework but keep coming up short.

This is my config File, is this correct?

I have then built a sequence to do a type into for the open browser and enter username and the password.
I have created 2 in arguments in the sequence call MyUsername and MyPassword. and referenced these in the type into

I have then dropped the whole sequence into initallapplications.xaml but when it runs it down’t enter the username or password

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No, this is not correct, you should not keep your user name and password in config file: Name → name to access from your code, Asset: Asset name which you created in Orchestrator. inside code use get asset and pass the asset name as input, that will provide you user name and password.


but im not supposed to be using any external references including orchestrator.

if that is the case then:
you will be having dictionary of config values:
you should pass the value as config(“MyUsername”) for user name and Config(“MyPassword”) for password.


@Divyashreem But if that is the case then anybody who has access to config file can see the password. I don’t know why academy don’t wont us to use Orchestrator credential assets in the practical exam of certification exam.

It allows them to run your practical self contained in order to mark it

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Robin Morgan

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i thought you are allowed to do so?

It is allowed to use asset from your orchestrator, academy never says you shouldn’t use asset.


Thank you for reply @Divyashreem… Maybe I misunderstood…it says: "Important Note: Don’t use external file references outside of the project folder (including Orchestrator Assets). Place all the used files within the project folder, zip that folder and upload it to the UiPath Certification Platform.

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Are we allowed to use Assets in UI Orchestrator? There’s a note saying that Don’t use external file references outside of the project folder (including Orchestrator Assets)

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Then don’t try to fetch your Credentials from Orchestrator, create variables username(string) and password(securestring), use Invoke Workflow File activity, to invoke GetAppCredentials.xaml(from REFramework which is going to try and fetch from orchestrator, if that’s not successful - its going to use windows credential manager), click import arguments and set out_username to username(the var you created) and out_password to password.

Hi @vsibanyo Can you help with my query?
From where GetAppCredentials.xaml reading the input (username & password) from?
The arguments are In_Credentials, Out_username = username, Out_password = password


For future reference, the GetAppCredentials.xaml fetches the input from Windows Credential Manager, if they’re not the it will prompt the user to enter the username and password. It’s a pretty useful function.

Vusimuzi Sibanyoni