RDA- user inputs


I have a requirement of getting few inputs from user (which needs to be built from UiPath) > say App 1, Process 1, Data 1. Have to receive this data when the input feeds and based on a combination, i have to open an application and fetch the details named with the process. During the process of fetching data, there is a chance that user (one who is processing) will have to feed some elements in the application. once everything is filled > have to extract those elements and write it in excel.

This is going to be a RDA (Desktop automation), Any idea on how to interact with user while working on pages? how to build a form kind of interface using uipath? Any thoughts on the best approach would help.

You can use input dialogs for single values or you can look at uipath forms for more extensive data input from user.

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Thanks TimK. It helps a lot. have you used this form by any chance? Do you know how to clear the form when a button is clicked? Say i get Name field and Age field as input with Submit and Reset button on it… If submit button is clicked, i get the form closed, but when reset is clicked, how can i define to clear out the form? (which means the form has to stay for the user to input again). Any clue?

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