Range doesn't exist for excel write range but works fine for workbook write range

I have created 3 workflows, I have used 3 excel application scope, I am able to write to the excel in the first workflow using write range, But when I try to write range in the 3rd workflow for the previously created sheet in 1st workflow, I am getting range does’t exist error. I am able to write using workbook write range activity but not with excel application scope write range activity. My UiPath Studio version is v2018.2.4.

Hopefully you found solution:P

Yes Divyashreem :smile: Thank you for the offline support in solving my issues.

@pavanh003 The issue was because when you were reading the value from webpage, the data type of the value is set as generic value and when there is different type of data read, (e.g, value read can be an int or double) and same has to be updated in the Excel, BOT was unable to figure out in which format, the values has to be added in the Excel.
The solution is to convert the value to one data type before adding the value into the datatable column. In your case, the values are converted to string and saved in the file.
Hope, this explanation is helpful!