Random Selectors - Relative Selector

I am trying to click a button, which clearly follows a pattern, but the selector generated is always random, which makes it impossible to select the exact button for any instance of the web application.
The first 2 selectors that follow are found in the same instance. The third is found in another instance.

I tried using the “Element Scope” activity and selecting the box that clearly contains the button I want to click. It did not work.

Another way I could do it is by using the selector of the number of the box, similar to relative scraping (without the scraping) but I don’t know how that is possible. Any other ideas? I don’t think the other selectors’ attributes help either, as there is nothing that can distinguish the buttons.

Are the buttons inside a table? Typically, the elements will have a row attribute you can use (check UiExplorer). So, if the button has the same row attribute as some of the text you are looking at then you can tell which button to click by using possibly Get Attribute activity.

You can potentially also use the Find Children, but you would need to find the correct child by looking at the text I believe. (I don’t use this method a whole lot)

Either way, you need to find something/attribute that the text for each row can be compared with the button.

No, it is not inside a table.