How to click button with no specific selectors available

Hello Team,
How would handle a situation where you need to click specific button in a table with no specific selectors? And I might need to click multiple at at time.

@AKPEKO_DENNIS_ZIGAH you can check whether any attributes like idx or rownum is available in the selector. if yes, you can create a loop and pass it to the selector to make the selector dynamic.


In case you do not have any unique selector, Please try with Image Recorder to click a specific element.



Is this webpage ? if yes, you can trying using css selectors here


Introduce any two fields in the list and distinguish between them. You should choose the unique one among these differences. You can also click multiple items, observing how this uniqueness changes relative to other list items.

Please share the details of the problem for a clearer solution.


Hello Team,
Thank you for the prompt responses, let me implement them and feedback.


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