Clicking specific button

Lets say there are three squares on the website and for each there is a button right to them.

Lets say I want to make automation that will click (with the click activity) only the button that is at right side of pink square.

When I use fuzzy selector it does not work because it thinks that the three buttons are OK. When I use image selector it also show that there are multiple selection, the strict does not work at all. What am I doing wrong?

open UI explorer and check if their is any common attribute to the box

so that either you can pass the value dynamically


Hi @anon40731888
Try with multiple anchors or get attribute activity to solve it.



Open ui explorer indicate the button you need .any one

And from the centre top menu try to find a row which contains innertext as the box beside it(pink for eaxample) or some attribute related to the box beside it

Then that selector can be used in strict selector to identify the required button only

How this helps


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