Can anyone tell me how to select unrecognized elements?

Hello everyone!
The normal situation is that when you wanna use the activities select, the elements on screen which can be selected will turn blue, but some parts may not be selected separately(can not be recognized…), so how can I select those kinds of button?
My aim is to click these buttons.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Baggio

Here are some approaches you can follow:

  1. Try to use the recording to capture the actions you want
  2. If it is a selector on the browser you can explore the HTML to find the selector you want, and then build it manually. Here you can check which properties you can use About Selectors
  3. Try to select an anchor element in a relative position to the element you want to interact, this can be done by use Anchor Base Activity.


Thanks for your reply!
Since it’s a button not from browser, I have tried the approach 1&3.
For the approach 1, when the first time it works, but when I run it second time, it cannot select the right button, I guess it only recognized the general attributes or position… I also checked the “edit selector”, there is not the name of the button, maybe that’s the reason, but I still don’t know how to solve it.
About approach 3. Since the button I wanna click, is kinda same as the excel cell, it will change depends on the length of its subcontent, but the name of the button will remain same. So it will cause that I can not predict where is the exact position of the button, maybe be ahead or behind…
Can you help me solve it?
Best regards!

Hi again @Baggio

Thanks for the explanation, it helped to understand better, since you are able to capture the selector at least for 1 time, you are already able to improve it. If the selector is not working the second time it is because at least 1 attribute is changing.

Please check wich attributes were captured and evaluaré if they change between executions, if so, try to use wildcards/regex/fuzzy selectors to improve them. If it is not possible, just remove them.

Also, if you know the Name of the button, you can provide that property manually on your selector (e.g. )