Quizes - How to know correct answer after passing

I’ve found when doing the quizzes in the training, after you pass, you’re given the opportunity to ‘Show your answers’.

Where an answer is incorrect, it just shows an X in the radio / check boxes you selected, but it doesn’t show you what the correct answer is, so you can learn from this.

I don’t find this very helpful as even if i passed the quiz, i don’t know what the correct answer is for any questions that i got wrong, so I can’t correct my knowledge!

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I can understand that
I hope UiPath made in such a way like it gives us another option as well, TAKE THE TEST AGAIN
–with that we can test ourselves with same set or mostly different set of questions under that topic
–and moreover, the quizzes questions are from the video tutorial and the practice session only, so if we are keen while doing those hope we wont find this difficulties

may be in future that update might come…no worries
Cheers @aod

Thank you for your help.

Having passed and completed the module, I cannot go back to the quiz to take it again, as unfortunately get a message:

‘You have reached the maximum number of views’

this usually occurs in FINAL QUIZ i guess
if that comes we got no options buddy
I hope that feature will come in future for sure
lots of update are coming up across the training material of uipath academy

Cheers @aod