Lesson 8 Quiz Not Grading Properly

Please check the Lesson 8 quiz grading. It is not grading properly. I have taken the test ~8 times and still not grading properly. We are considering purchasing UiPath and are doing a Proof of Concept (PoC), Several employees are doing training on UiPath Academy and are becoming quickly frustrated due to lack of learning feedback loop telling what the correct answers are so they can learn etc. Lesson%208%20answers%20and%20score

Hi @laurashendrix

Please do not post specific answers on the forum as it is not allowed.

As to the grading, it is possible that a question with checkboxes will have multiple correct answers (multiple choice). This means that even if there technically no bad answers marked in the scoring page, the score can still be lower than the passing 70% because not enough correct answers were selected.

I hope it helps :slight_smile: