Wasting lot of time of users with improper answers in Quiz :(


Hi ,

I got struck on the lesson 6 th quiz for almost two days.

Fortunately cleared it now, and shocked to see below answer is wrong :frowning:

It is killing the interest to move ahead with course, unfortunately.

Quizzes are like speed breakers the course of learning. They are testing our patience not the knowledge on the topics we learn…

Can UIpath team address this concern ??


@Roxana_Stratila @Diana_Ocraim @Loredana_Bolocan


Thank you for letting us know about that question, we have corrected it.
The meaning of the quizzes is to check and also consolidate all that you have learned during the lessons. Let us know what do you thing can be improved.
Thank you for understanding!


Another one…

I believe, Read PDF Text will not support the range given in question and throws error, But my answer marked as wrong.

Please check.


No one can avoid mistake, but good to remember that the training is free and it’s getting better.


In this world everything comes with a price tag, except Academy training.:wink: Enjoy the training.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


The correct answer to this Question is “The activity will read pages 1,2,3 and 5


Even I had tough time cracking all the quiz.


As far as i know, Below is correct answer and i have tested in studio too.

@Roxana_Stratila @Diana_Ocraim @Loredana_Bolocan



Its correct… the activity will throw the exception


Sometime there are errors so that we can learn the correct ones… Ha ha…


these weren’t simple


Feeling frustated, whats the point of these quizes between lessons, and not even providing a correct answer so people can learn what mistakes they make. I am wasting a lot time retaking the quiz.