Final exam score given 0 for right answer....!

I wrote the final exam for the UiPath certification. I gave 43 questions right out of 45, but still my final percentage was 82.22. How is this possible? I am attaching a sample question which is correct but I did not get score.

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@Teodor_Hoaghea another one for you

The answer to this question is not correct


Haha! I didn’t like this round in fairness :slight_smile:

Well According to me the third option is also correct because if suppose you are using find children or Get attribute activity with selector return or UIlelement return by similar other activities as an output then If we will pass that output then also Uipath will be able to identify that element on the screen :slight_smile:


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Hello - I totally agree that the third answer above is also correct…however, if bhargav truly answered 43 out of 45 questions correctly, why wasn’t his score 95.55% (43/45)? On all of the module quizzes each question was worth10 points. Are the final exam questions weighted differently? Thanks!

they consider incomplete answer will consider as wrong answer and in your case all of the above are correct and you should select them all , so if you didn’t like in you situation will be consider as wrong answer