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So far going good.

Is there any way, one can check the answeres provided after each quiz. I am after the wrong answeres. As passing marks are 80%, but interested to see what were wrong answeres which fell under 20%

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Hi @rajivtuli2512,

i too had this question in my mind ,i guess we need to ask to the uipath representative for this option
@Roxana_Stratila probably you could answer this question.

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I find the quiz a bit absurd. some questions require you to select more than 1. Which makes it more difficult to get the questions right. Especially unable to know which questions you got it right or wrong. You start to doubt your right guess.
This may force the learner to be more precise on picking answers however, at the same time will be stressful to some.

For Example :
What is the UI Explorer useful for?
1.Locateing UI elements on the screen
2.Writing inside text fields
3.Clicking on UI elements

Technically right answer should be 1,3. (typo on actual answer 1)
The action clicking wasn’t specified correctly. You do use UI Explorer to target elements by clicking on the elements. so In technical term, clicking on UI elements is correct.


Hi Benny,

Thank you for the feedback - we are already considering to allow users to see right/wrong answers but only if they passed the quiz (if the final score is <80%)

Also - thanks for spotting the typo - will update the quiz soon.

Best regards,

We won’t open this. Guess why? :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I’ve been having a look at this today. Personally, I struggle with the multiple choice format as I feel that I can make an argument for a few of the options, and as Benny says it’s very difficult to know which ones you previously got 100% and which ones were wrong because you selected some incorrect options as well as correct ones. Not sure what the solution is here other than to potentially provide a few more hints as to whether an answer is a single answer or multiple.

Is there a maximum number of attempts limit on the Test?

Also have you written a robot that can complete the test yet? :smiley:


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We must have radio button where only one answer is correct, all checkbox are making people confused.

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I absolutely agree… it’s a bit ridicolous… I mean, is it supposed to be a training or a test? Either way, it’s currently not suitable in my eyes :frowning:

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I also find the quizes badly designed as they do not really aim on reviewing what was just learned. Nor do they give feedback on the areas that one got wrong to be able to check back. Therefore, the quizes are rather a pain (not incuraging) and a source of frustration hampering the entire learning process.

Instead of learning something new about UIPath, one spends time playing around with supposedly incorrect multiple-choice questions for the sake of progressing. Once you finally passed, you got so confused that you cannot recall anymore what you actually did wrong. And as so often with Multiple Choice, its in the realm of interpretation anyway.

Very unproductive to learn a tool that way which is actually made to facilitate productivity, isn’t it?. Rather odd!


I agree entirely with vossilius above. I stopped the course as I was continually stuck on one of the quizes. Since I have not looked at it for a while, I have forgotten almost everything I have learnt.

It’s in a really bad format,confusing single or multi-selection answers. There needs to be an option to skip the quiz, or at least tell people which specific questions they got wrong.


I am facing problem with final test marks.
I had selected the correct options or multiple selections but my marks are not getting refreshed or updated.
I am not getting what the problem is
can you help ?

Idea is nice, but as everyone else already noticed, there are plenty of flaws. Mainly not knowing what you did right etc.

@Roxana_Stratila feel free to set up a call with me if you want to go through this to find a slightly improved format. We don’t want the format of the exam getting in the way of people learning.


The lesson 2 quiz seems to be a little confused.

It’s a multiple answer Qn .You need to choose all the right answers .

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Shouldn’t it be telling me which one I should have ticked? There is no wrong, just 1 green tick for correct.

That’s how to it designed. It’s been said before. 1 green tick because the answer you gave is also the one of the right answers among the 4, so it’s partially correct. Hence it’s rewarded as 0 points.

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