Quick Question!

I completed it and submitted it but where i am mistaken ?

Please help !!!

@170290064 what is your result in ACME.
can you check that you are login in Acme with same email address.

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Each pages goes like this till Work Items are done.

Yes i also logged in ACME System with same email address.

please check this one.

You need to run once again by reset data and processed all items and check result. Then upload again your workflow

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@170290064 You need to process all items with complete status and then check it should be passed.
Reset Option:

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This is the result but how come :roll_eyes:

@170290064 means your process not filling data correctly. so that your score is zero.

but how come sir ???

Looks like everything works well

@170290064 Please check your not correctly filling hash code. Run in Debug mode and place Toggle points and check each steps. If it is filling correct then it should be update here.

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Sir can i drop the zip file ???

Do you have any time to check it out a little bit ???



Ok.share please.

Calculate_Client_Security_Hash.zip (1.7 MB)

Here it is :slightly_smiling_face:

@170290064 let me check i will revert you.

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Take your time Sir!

Thanks a lot :+1:

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Here you can see when you extract information Space is coming. you need to remove it by Trim

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@170290064 Enjoy Brother Even I updated your one Selector Too.

Update ACME Credential Asset name.
Reset Data and Run Again
Calculate_Client_Security_Hash (2).zip (1023.5 KB)

Remember in Prayers!
Happy Automation

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Please can someone without coding experience go into RPA development?

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I am actually in the IT department but i think people who has no coding experience can go into RPA development as well. Why not?