Regarding Client Security Hash Assignment

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I completed the assignment when i was trying to run it successfully run and status of work item set as completed but I don’t received grades, Could anyone please help me to resolve my issue , below attaching for your reference.

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Hi @njain, welcome to the Community.

The following thread will help you with this:

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Hi @loginerror

Could you please help me to resolve my issue.

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@njain You missed this thing.

Here you can see when you extract information Space is coming. you need to remove it by Trim

check this part.

  1. Reset the data
  2. check this part in code.
  3. Run again and check your result in ACME

Hi @raja,
Thanks for the reply

There is no space is coming.

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@njain share your project in zip file

I’m unable to share the zip file, it will show me error.

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@njain check inbox

I Shared you the assignment .

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Problem Solved.

Your All browser activities “Wait For Ready” property was missing.
You were not passing Client ID, ClientName and ClientCountry to generate Hash.
In Get hash workflow click was not working and get text also highlighting wrong field.

Latest Code:
Change asset name in config and run after reset data.
Calculate_Client_Security_Hash_20 (2).zip (1014.6 KB)

Enjoy…Stay blessed.

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